In 2002, after moving from New York to Phoenix, I found myself without a job. This predicament got me involved with Assisted Living. As a new facility owner, and with my formal education in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, did not help much in caring for elderly. I had numerous deficiencies assessed by the Department of Health Services, had to send my employees to all kinds of schools and training. I was desperate. There was no help! I ended up remedying the deficiencies myself, studying articles and statutes governing and regulating assisted living, going to school. After disputing some deficiencies that I believed there wrongly assessed, and fixing others, in the end I was able to pull through.

These facts made me realize that there is a great need of some type of consulting and training to fill in the gap the facilities encounter in the quest to be in compliance with requirements, rules and regulations, with training, policies and procedures, remedial plans, informal resolution disputes.

My initial struggles were the starting point of a successful and rewarding business.

Today we are a full consulting service and training for assisted living.